Saturday, 5 November 2016

DAY 3: Little things don't matter

Yesterday I went for a luxurious facial treatment. I was being spoiled for a good hour and a half and it felt like heaven. My skin was glowing afterwards and I received quite a lot of compliments about my skin. However, I have noticed that my wrinkles around the eyes were slightly more obvious (or maybe it was just in my head, who knows), which led to me being grumpy. When I woke up this morning I was even grumpier.  You know, sometimes you are just so grumpy for the stupidest reason and you annoy yourself and no matter how hard you try implement the self-development knowledge you gathered throuh the years, your inner judge and victim simply get the best out of you. I tried to calm myself with my favourite soy matcha latte and they managed to put extra sugar into it making it over the top sweet. Of course my inner victim jumped through the roof and I threw a bit of a tantrum, which I am quite embarassed to admit.
A few moments later, my partner decided to take my mind off this silly thinking and he took me to the local park here in Malaysia. I started feeling better and better, chasing my inner judge and victim away, and we started enjoying our time together. And then I saw her.
A beautiful stray doggy (they are quite common here in Malaysia and normally looked after by the locals) limping not too far away from us. Her front leg was cut off. Freaking cut off, no paw... When I realised what I have just seen, I started crying, because of the pain the poor doggy must of been in and because of disgust, because of my incredibly shallow behavior moments earlier. In that moment nothing else mattered, but just how to save and help the doggy. I freaked out and was covered in tears in a second, but thankfully my boyfriend was a super champ and he was able to get a closer look (he couldn't go too close, because the doggy had some super loyal doggy friends who stood in front of her when my boyfriend approached her). We are currently calling different places trying to find out how to help her. It turned out a lot of people have seen her and tried to help her in the past few days, but no one has been able to catch her and take her to the vet so far. We will do our absolute best to help.
And yes, little things really don't matter. What matters is kindness, love and respect for all beings. Less wrinkles never saved the world, but a simple act of kindness and action could save and mean the world to a little furry being like the doggy from the park. Please think of her in these days when we try to help!

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