Monday, 20 June 2016

Realistic London Summer Lookbook - Vegan

This is a realistic London summer lookbook! All the fashion items in the video are also cruelty-free, made of vegan materials and therefore suitable for vegans. How cool is that? :) Most of the items are also made in an ethical way. Want to know more? Check down below:

♥ Look 1:
Dress - H&M Conscious
Leggings - BAM, Bamboo Clothing
Shoes - Beyond Skin (100% vegan brand)
Handbag - Stella McCartney (vegetarian fashion designer)
Sleeveless jacket - Topshop (I know, not very ethical, but I have been looking for a similar one for ages and couldn't find it in an ethical or second hand shops.. I am wearing it all the time though!

♥ Look 2:
Shirt - H&M Conscious
Trousers - Vintage/Second hand shop baby!
Shoes - Next
Handbag - Gunas (100% vegan company)
Jacket - Vintage/too old to remember

♥ Look 3:
Jumper - The Tree Kisser (100% vegan brand)
Jeans - American Apparel
Shoes - Wills Vegan Shoes (100% vegan brand)
Handbag - Matt & Nat

                                     *Click on the photo to watch the video*

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