Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Beauty Chat: Little Ondine Nail Polish

Little Ondine offers a variety of natural nail polishes with a unique formula. It is made with water and natural resin, which simply forms a colour layer on your nail. I got the chance to try out two different colours: Marshmallow and Golden Rain as well as the Secret base/top coat.

The first thing that I have noticed after opening the nail polishes is that there is absolutely no odour, which we all know is a rare thing when it comes to nail polishes. As well as that, they are super easy to apply and I just love the colours and the texture.

However, the main reason why Little Ondine is now one of my favourite vegan nail polish brands is that they last a pretty long time and, I have no idea how they do that, but you can simply peel the nail polish off once you want to apply a new colour. That means there are no acetone removers needed. Pretty nice, isn't it?
* vegan and cruelty-free
* odour free
* free of toxins
* environmentally friendly 
* beautiful colours
* easy to apply
* sometimes the corners of the nail polish start to roll up

What are your favourite nail polish colours for the summer? Any specially brands you'd recommend? 



  1. Those nail polish shades are so pretty!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Your nails are gorgeous, these glitter polishes are perfect as accent nails! xxxxx


  3. The shades are so pretty! I also love that there isn't an odour x


  4. lavieenliz21 July, 2015

    gorgeous shades! I love trying new polishes


  5. Yes, that does not happen very often with nail polishes. Also, it is great that there is no need to use nail polish removers, which normally smell pretty bad.

  6. Thanks so much girl :) x

  7. Your mani is really cute. I didn't know about hat brand but I use julep and I like it a lot .
    X, Abril
    The color palette


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