Monday, 15 June 2015

How To Save Animals With Fashion: Tivydale

Recently, I received these beautiful sandals by Tivydale, a cruelty-free brand which uses only animal-friendly materials. Sadly, many people still believe that non-leather shoes can't be comfortable, however, that could not be further from the truth. I have been wearing these babies almost every day since I received them and I despised the days when the weather was too cold for me to put them on (*she said with a dramatic voice).
Even though I was a bit worried at first that they might not be comfortable (similar designs can often cause pain, which sucks  is not nice!), I soon realised I had nothing to worry about. They are perfect for whenever I am running late as they only have a zipper in the back and they are not slippery at all. This is very important to me; I have a pair of boots that I love, but whenever I go to Whole Foods Market I feel like I am ice skating. This is not a situation a foodie like myself wants to be in when they are in food heaven.
Living in London means I normally walk a lot. Even when I could take the tube or a bus I will almost certainly walk places, which means I normally walk several miles in a day. These shoes were definitely tested properly and, again, they did not disappoint; they feel great on my feet and are very comfortable. 

As I said many times before, I am so excited about the countless cruelty-free possibilities that are on the market and this pair happens to be one of them. They are very affordable; you can get them for GBP35 by clicking on the Tivydale website - Wisteria sandals.
P.S. Can you tell that there was no “photographer” aka my boyfriend in the flat so I had to take the photos myself? Respect to all of you selfie-takers out there; my arms are in pain now! 

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Do you have your favourite cruelty-free shoe brand?



  1. Those are cute sandals. I love the gladiator style!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  2. I love these style of sandals! But you're right they are normally quite painful.. It's awesome that these pair are comfortable! Lovely post! xxxxx

  3. Yes, they are super comfortable! And thank you ;) xx

  4. These look great on you! I love discovering new cruelty free brands like this. Great post! - Tasha


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