Monday, 16 February 2015

How To Help Save Animals With Fashion: The Tree Kisser

Do you love fashion? Do you love animals? If you are like me and you answered to both of the questions with a big fat YES, than ladies I have some good news for you. Guess what? We can all be fashionistas AND help save animals at the same time. It cannot get much better than that, if you ask me.

There are various ways to help animals, while purchasing garments, and today I will be focusing on the first option. I will talk about other possible ways in detail, while presenting different brands, in the following post/blog series. Make sure you stay tuned for them babies!

What WE can do for a better future for the animals:

1. Support (smaller) companies, which give a portion of their profit to animal charities.
I present you: The Tree Kisser. I am in love with this brand and the owner seems like a very sweet and kind person who dedicates a big portion of her time to helping animals. I actually came across this brand before it was even created; I have been reading the lovely blog The Tree Kisser and suddenly, Jessica, the owner, started an online store with shirts that support animal charities as well. Now THAT right here, ladies and gentlemen, is saving animals with fashion (and passion).

The shirt that I am wearing in these photos is from The Tree Kisser as well and it is perfect for me - it pretty much describes my life in a sentence. You can get it here: DOG TSHIRT. It is incredibly soft and comfortable and I cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can wear it more often (it was actually freezing while taking the photos for this post).

A bit more about the T-shirt:
* made and printed in Los angeles
* 50% organic cotton and 50% modal
* I am wearing size XS
* DOWNSIDE: makes me miss my doggy even more (speaking of that; hands up whoever uses Skype to “communicate” with their pets while being away from them!) 

10% of my purchase went to Love Infinitely Project Animal Fund and Jessica sent a lovely note and a thank you message to let me know about that. I truly appreciated this gesture <3


2. Say NO, NO to fur, leather and feathers and say YES to manmade and animal-friendly materials.
If you feel a bit overwhelmed with this change, you can slowly incorporate it in your lifestyle during a slightly longer period of time.

3. Wear cute garments with signs that spread the positive message.
I know it is not a garment, but I, for example, have a sticker on my computer, which says Animal testing breaks hearts and you have no idea how many people (even the “manly” ones) went Awww when seeing it.

4. Re-use (cotton) bags while shopping instead of collecting countless plastic bags.
Besides the environmental impacts, this issue sadly also has an impact on animals and their lives. It is ok, if you enjoy shopping, but make sure you are slightly more cautious with the collection of plastic bags.

5. MORE 
Many other possibilities of having fun and supporting the good causes with ethical fashion brands.

Are you a fan of any fashion brands, which help animals as well?



  1. Cute t-shirt! I know what you mean with the Skype thing! When I'm away, hwne I call my mum I ask her to put the phone next to the dog so I can talk to him :)

  2. These are such good ideas and ways of spreading awareness! Such an important post- more people need to see it!

  3. Love the shirt, mine should say cat hair instead lol <3

  4. Haha, the cat one is actually available as well! :)

  5. Thank you Georgia! The message about animal cruelty in fashion is slowly spreading, which is definitely not a bad thing :)

  6. Yes! Doggy “conversations” are the best! :D

  7. sweet <3

  8. Ahhh, I love that t-shirt! Thank you for introducing this company, I will be checking them out. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. You are welcome! They make nice garments and support great causes :)

    This is such a fantastic initiative! I've just sent the link to my SPCA volunteer+coordinator aunt, so hopefully the charity will be getting lots of orders in soon!

  11. I may have to get the Cat version of that shirt to be honest, I love companies that manage to create awareness in clever ways, thank you for sharing! x

  12. That's amazing! Hope you get the shirt asap (it is not just super cute and ethical, but also very comfy!). x

  13. I couldn't agree more; I am constantly looking for companies like that :) Yes, cat shirt is available on their website as well x


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