Thursday, 6 November 2014

DIY: Cute Natural and Non-Toxic Candles

Any candle fans out there? Please raise your hands. I am! Specially in the holiday season; they are everywhere calling us from the shelves with their lovely scents. I forbid myself to buy them, because I really wanted to make them myself. I am really glad I stuck to my decision, because I love the final result! They are very simple to make (although you do have to be careful when dealing with the hot wax) and decorating them was a lot of fun. I made them with my boyfriend and it almost felt like Christmas is already here. Maybe because we got carried away with Christmasy decorations. I have no regrets! 

Check out my video below to see how you can make these lovelies as well:)

****Click on the photo below to see the video****

Things I used:

* EcoSoy Soy Wax - Click Here to Buy
* Lavender scent - Click Here to Buy
* moulds (aka small jam jars that I ate a while ago and jars from one of my favourite raw cakes. I wrote a post about them here)
* an old pot
* Candle Dye - Click Here to Buy

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